Mocha cups by Annusch


Espressokopjes, hand gemaakt door Johanna Braeunlich, in een set van twee. Elk kopje is een combinatie van zwarte en witte porselein die Ying-Yang principe uitbeelden.

Ceramic Mocha cups, hand made by Johanna Braeunlich. It is a set of two. Each cup is a combination of black and white porcelain representing Ying-Yang.

Mocha cups “Yin-Yang”

In the black there is some white

In the wrong there is some right

In the dark there is some light

In the bright there is some sight.


 Knowing both sides of our souls helps us to move forward in life and to understand that perfection actually doesn’t exist.

To express this wise old saying in her material clay she had the idea to create the two opposite forces Yin and Yang by making black porcelain with the help of black pigment and combining it with white porcelain clay on the potter’s wheel. These small mocha cups are some of the unique results.

After being thrown on the potter’s wheel the cups are covered by a layer of greyish slip and still look like nothing. However, when they are leather hard and when the outer layer it is trimmed off with a special tool on the potter’s wheel, the beautiful pattern of the combination of the two different clays appears on the surface. It is always a surprise, because every cup comes out differently, no one looks like the other.

After drying the inside of the mocha cup is covered with a light blue slip before it is bisc-fired at 980 degrees Celsius. Then the outside is polished with fine diamond sandpaper on the potter’s wheel in order to make it soft and smooth. Now the inside of the cup is glazed with a shiny transparent glaze and then it is fired once again, this time at 1240 degrees. It is only then that the cup finally appears in its pure white and deep black color, with a shiny blue inside. In the end the mat surface will be polished once more until it is soft and smooth like a baby’s bottom.

All the glazes are self-prepared by her own recipes. Because all of her items are hand-made you will never find another one which is exactly like yours. And best of all; they are dishwasher-proof.



Johanna Braeunlich






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